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North South University
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NSU Admission 2022

North South University (NSU) is one of the most renowned Private University in Bangladesh. North South University (NSU) admission process similar to the other Private University Admission except private medical university. North South University (NSU) offers admission through the year by three session. Spring, Summer and Fall Session are available to the student for admission. In order to take preparation for North South University (NSU) admission you must know about proper guideline of NSU admission 2022.Previous year question bank of North South University will give you hint of question pattern to understand NSU Admission Test 2022.
Be advance among other participators by getting required information about North South University (NSU) Admission Circular 2022. Some criteria one student should know before Admission of North South University (NSU) 2022 starts. Generally Private University like North South University (NSU) offers different unit for different branch of knowledge. Different unit offers different admission test procedure. Don’t worry, Our Editor made an easy “Admission Preparation” that you have to follow.

About NSU

North South University (NSU), the first private university in Bangladesh, was established in 1992 by the then Foundation for Promotion of Education and Research (FPER) - a charitable, non-profit, non-commercial and non-political organization. The FPER later was renamed as the NSU Foundation and is presently called the North South Foundation.

The Foundation is comprised of a group of eminent industrialists, prominent patrons of education, notable philanthropists, widely experienced academics and senior civil servants of the country. In the early 1990s, they had a dream to set up a world-class university as a center of excellence in higher education in the private sector. Their dedication, tireless efforts, and hard work paved the way for approval of the establishment of NSU. Since, at that time, there was no relevant law in the country to set up and operate a university in the private sector, they took the entire burden and extended their best efforts in assisting the then government in formulating the relevant law and enacting it. Subsequently, the government, pursuant to the newly enacted law i.e. the Private University Act (PUA)-1992 (now repealed by PUA-2010), approved the establishment of NSU. The University was formally inaugurated on 10 February 1993 and started its journey in a very modest way. Later, in 2012, the NSU Foundation, in the light of the PUA 2010 and as instructed by the Ministry of Education and the University Grants Commission, formed the NSU Trust with the same group of people in the Foundation and vested the entire management and administration of NSU in its Board of Trustees.

General Information

Name North South University
Nick Nmae NSU
Motto Center of Excellence in Higher Education
Type Private
Specialization General
Ranking 02
World Ranking 3366
Website www.northsouth.edu
Admission Website admissions.northsouth.edu/undergraduate
Information Admission & Apply Information
Total Seats
Faculties 04
Departments 16
Total Students 16990(approx) as of Spring 2017
Established 1992
Chancellor President of Bangladesh
Vice Chancellor Prof. Atique Islam
Campus 01
Location Plot 15, Block B, Bashundhara, Dhaka 1229

Grading System

Numerical Scores

Letter Grade

Grade Points (Per Credit)

93 and above

A Excellent


90 - 92



87 - 89



83 - 86

B Good


80 - 82



77 - 79



73 - 76

C Average


70 - 72



67 - 69



60 - 66

D Poor


Below 60

F* Failure



I** Incomplete



W** Withdrawal



R** Retaken


More Information

Direction 23.794°N 90.4035°E
Academic staff 907
Administrative staff 223
Color Blue and White
Campus 665,000 Sq ft