Model Test (Online Quiz)

FSSS quiz 1

Admission Tech Model Test 2021

Subject : FSSS (quiz 1)

Full Mark - 11

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1. It will be better
a) To stay then going back
b) to stay than to go back
c) staying then going back
d) B + c
2. The synonym of Regal is_____
a) Oppressive
b) Royal
c) major
d) basic
3. The synonym of relish is______
a) Desire
b) Nibble
c) Savor
d) Avail
4. "সে এসেছিল বন্ধু বেশে" এর ইংরেজি হল-
a) He came in the color of a friend
b) He came in the guise of a friend
c) He came in the form of a friend
d) He came in the dress of a friend
5. Which one is correct? " মেয়েটি দেখতে তার মায়ের মতো " এর ইংরেজি হল -
a) The girls looks after her mother
b) The girl takes in her mother
c) The girl takes after her mother
d) The girl seems to be her mother
6. I should appreciate it if you could complete this work_______ Thursday.
a) till
b) until
c) upto
d) by
7. The meaning of the word 'obese' is----
a) Very fat
b) Ugly
c) Tardy
d) Obroxious
8. choose the correct sentence
a) Though it is raining yet he will go
b) Though it is rained yet he plans to go
c) Though it is raining he will go
d) Although it had rained he will go
9. choose the correct sentence
a) There isn't any book on the table
b) there aren't any book on the table
c) there aren't any books on the table
d) there is no book on the table
10. A pilgrim is a person who undertakes a journey to a a---
a) mosque
b) New journey
c) Holy place
d) Bazaar
11. They have________ their support for our case.
a) Pledge
b) disavowed
c) provided
d) Defessed